Residential Pooper Scooper Service

Proven Pooper Scooper Service on a Schedule

Got a dog? Got a yard? Then you’ve definitely got dog poop. And let’s face it, dodging those little landmines is no one’s idea of a good time. While we haven’t conducted any formal studies, we’re pretty sure picking up dog poop is everyone’s least favorite part of pet parenting.

Enter Poo Patrol! We’re your local, independently owned and operated heroes, swooping in on a regular schedule to scoop up and dispose of that doggy doo, leaving your yard clean and safe for the whole family. So why not hand it off to the pros? Our dog poop pickup service wipes this chore off your to-doo list, freeing you up for more fun stuff.

What Happens When The Poo Patrol Arrives

When our pet waste removal technician arrives, they’ll methodically walk your yard in a grid pattern to ensure no pile is left behind. To be doubly sure, they’ll always do a second pass. Armed with a special scooping tool and fresh waste bags, they’ll collect every deposit and secure it in a plastic bag. You can choose whether the bags go in your garbage can or our vehicle for disposal.

Before they leave, our techs will clean their tools and shoes to avoid any cross-contamination from one yard to the next.

Please note: We do not provide services inside residences. We need direct outside access to the areas we clean and cannot walk through homes to reach them.

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Why Choose Poo Patrol for Pooper Scooper Services Near Me?

Here’s why Poo Patrol is the top dog in pet waste removal:

  • We employ fully insured, background-checked, uniformed technicians who arrive in branded vehicles.
  • Easy to use customer portal for changes
  • Great communication! Texts before arrival, weather updates, and more!
  • Our services are affordable.
  • We customize our services to meet your unique needs.
  • We stand by our high-quality standards with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Pricing Table

Weekly Service

$20 Weekly
  • Weekly Service
  • 100% Clean Guarantee
  • Text Before Arrival
  • Includes 1 Dog (+$2 Per Additional Dog)
  • *We Use Your Trash, Optional Take-Away Service for $2 per visit.

Every Two Weeks

$66 Monthly
  • Twice Monthly Service
  • 100% Clean Guarantee
  • Text Before Arrival
  • Includes 1 Dog (+$3 Per Additional Dog)
  • *We Use Your Trash, Optional Take-Away Service for $3 per visit.

One Time Cleaning

$75 One Time
  • Single Service
  • 100% Clean Guarantee
  • Text Before Arrival
  • Up To 4 Dogs
  • *Take-Away Service Is Included With One Time Visits

Dog Poop Pickup FAQs:

Is not picking up dog poop in your own yard a bad thing?

Yes, it’s pretty bad. Dog poop isn’t fertilizer – it can damage your lawn and vegetable garden. It’s also an environmental pollutant and can be harmful to dogs. Plus, some HOAs and neighborhood covenants require you to keep your yard poop-free.

Will you pick up my side yard too?

Absolutely! As long as we have direct outside access, we’ll scoop wherever your dog goes.

How much is dog poop pickup service?

The cost varies based on your location, the size of your pets and yard, and how many pets you have. Generally, the more poop and the larger the area, the higher the cost. But don’t worry, Poo Patrol’s basic poop pickup package is very affordable. Get a quick and easy free quote today!

Have more questions?

You can read all of our FAQs here.

Are you sick of picking up dog poop? Sign up for our pooper scooper service today and begin enjoying your yard stress free. With our weekly schedule we keep your yard looking great and free of smelly (and dangerous) dog poop.